Discuss important growth strategy topics and network with business owners across multiple industries.
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Your Many Opportunities for Growth During the Roundtable
  • Exchange knowledge with peers about the most effective strategies for increasing profits.
  • Network informally with other business leaders, owners, and entrepreneurs
  • ​Ask questions and get tips directly from the host, Jonathan, a master B2B networker, sales performance coach, and business growth consultant.

*Act now, as there are only limited seats available!
Hidden Gems All the Way
unlock the next level for your business
Insider Secrets That You Can Implement Immediately
Join us to share and discuss how to uncover financial breakthroughs with a business analysis. We'll keep things fairly informal, but will make sure to cover the following:
  • The importance of outlining strategy first and then moving on to the implementation of specific tactics when looking to scale a business predictably and profitably. 
  • What is working right now with the current economy and state of the market. How to determine if what you are doing is working.
  • ​Q&A with Jonathan Gehrig, CEO and Founder of Quest Armour who will share best practices for understanding, uncovering and scaling profits for all businesses.

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*Act now, as there are only limited seats available!
Invaluable, Real-world Experience from Trusted Advisors
the quest armour team at your service


Jonathan Gehrig has been a business owner since 2005 and has experience in training up top sales talent, turning sales teams into top producing teams, and helping companies scale from 6-7 figures as well as 8-9 figures.

He has worked with thousands of professionals across multiple verticles to scale their businesses and live the life they truly desire.

He has made over 300,000 dials in his professional career that produced multiple 9 figures in sales. He is a father to 4 boys and is related to Lou Gehrig.


Evan has been an entrepreneur in the education and marketing sector since 2015 and has deep experience in B2B lead generation and appointment setting using primarily cold email and LinkedIn channels. 

He is an expert at building scalable sales systems through outbound marketing campaigns, virtual events and funnels.

By marrying cutting-edge software with traditional sales principles, Evan has designed many custom machines to predictably generate meetings with hard-to-reach contacts.


Ravi has founded multiple agencies and SaaS businesses over the last decade, resulting in millions of dollars in sales for his clients. 

A creative growth hacker at heart, he is always looking for the most underpriced and untapped methods that move the needle in business scaling. 

A combination of creative messaging to capture attention and a seamless process to nurture relationships have been the two most important tools in his armour. Ravi’s copywriting skills allow him to drum up interest in new products and services quickly and efficiently, whether it’s on social media, email or video communication.

There Is an Ethical Way to Grow Your Business

never compromise your values

Quest Armour is a growth consulting firm that helps small businesses increase profit and prepare for future exit. 
We believe in analysis then consultation, strategy before tactics, and growing profits over revenue. 

The team is driven by a number of ethics and values, the primary being:

  • Community
  • ​Accessible business education
  • ​Trust

the formula for business growth

Quest Armour helps small businesses and entrepreneurs develop a customized step-by-step Roadmap with our Quest Profit Analysis (QPA).
The QPA establishes the systems and processes needed in order to have the business operating on autopilot and properly prepare for exit.

who we can help the most

  • Business leaders who recognize networking as a powerful tool for business growth and have a desire to belong to a community of high achievers.
  • ​Businesses that have a proven track record of success and want help identifying which areas of their business need established systems and processes for growth on autopilot.
  • ​Entrepreneurs that provide real value to their customers & partners. We carefully select the businesses we partner with so that Quest Armour is a positive force in the business community.
*Act now, as there are only limited seats available!
Don’t Just Take Our Word for It
transformative experiences from our clients

I thought to myself,"Wow, I will be able to change my life anytime I choose, these are all the tools I get to use now.I saw significant growth when I committed to apply all the techniques I learned from the business, personal, and relationships also known as the BPR"

- Kelly G -
“Since starting Quest, I’ve gotten greater clarity of how I operate (my archetype) in my business and life. Not only that, but it has helped me to quickly identify how other people operate and whether or not I can help them. The tailored training for Q4 has helped me take focused action to finish the year strong and set myself up for success come Q1. I wish I had discovered Quest sooner. 
- Rob S -
“The knowledge and format in which the information is shared makes it easy to make changes to your current processes and has provided positive and immediate results. The leadership team is nothing but the best.”
- Jennifer K -
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